Friday, February 20, 2009

The GOOD things

Carol, Fred and Tom had planned an evening packed with fun. The trunk of Tom’s Honda was loaded with toilet paper and flashlights – the supplies they’d need to “t.p.” Tanya’s house in honor of her sixteenth birthday.

But first they went to the school parking lot for some fun with the car. Carol and Fred jumped on the hood, and Tom steered in wild, squealing circles. It was as fun as a roller coaster – until Carol lost her grip and flew off the hood. The tires screeched and swerved, barely missing Carol, who awas lying on the ground. Her jeans were ripped, and one leg was bleeding.

“You okay?” Tom asked as he rushed out of the car.
“I think so,” Carol responded, holding her leg. “Just shook up.”

The three friends pulled themselves together, stunned by what had happened – and could have happened. Their original plans forgotten, they cautiously drove to Carol’s house to explain to her parents the stupid thing they had done.

After Carol had bandaged her scrapes and changed clothes, the three friends drove to the Wayside Restaurant to think and talk. For three hours, they sipped on chocolate malts and reflected on what had happened.

“I cant believe I was that close to … you know,” Carol said softly.
“Yeah, and I was behind the wheel,” Tom added.
“I know one thing,” Fred said resolutely. “I’m not going to take life for granted. I enjoy being here too much to let a crazy game take it away.”

It took a scary event for Carol, Fred and Tom to realize how valuable and good life is. When God ceated the world and saw it for the first time, He also celebrated how good and valuable life is. Read about the goodness of life and the world in Genesis 1: 1-31

-How is the teenagers’ new perspective on life like verse 31: “God looked at everything He had made, and it was very good”?

-What has happened to you that reminded you of the goodness and value of the life God has given you?

-rereading the passage and underlining in green every reference to life or living things. Praise God for the gift of life
-giving a flower or small houseplant or doing a chore for someone who is valuable to you. Include a note that celebrates how he or she makes your life better.

For more, see
-Genesis 2: 4-17
-Psalm 104: 1-32
-John 10:7-18