Thursday, April 9, 2009

Fully depend on You

Oh Father Lord, God,

I thank You, O Father for this opportunity to pray for the move of the gifts of the spirit. Thank You for Your manifested presence in this place.

Father, I want to commit each person here into Your Mighty hands. Father, fill u s with Your anointing (1 John 2: 27) and move hunger for the gifts of the Holy Spirit. I thank You for a right standing relationship with You, that we are availed to let You work and move in and through us.

Give us a heart that thirst, hungers and desires for more of You, for more of the gifts to be manifested in our daily lives. (1 Cor 12: 31, Luke 6: 21). Fill us with a reckless passion, willingness and obedience to let You use us more (II Cor 8: 11, Romans 9:16)

Let our hearts be filled with desperation to totally, fully depend on You and the leading of the Holy Spirit in our lives (Psalms 25:1-2) for He looks for obedient and willing hears, a humble heard for Him to reveal more of His Kingdom to us (Prov 11:2).

Father, we commit all that we are, all that we have to You, release us from all the bondages, yolks and burdens that we have (Romans 8: 21, Psalms 62: 8). Free us from our mindsets and limitations that we have on how You are going to move. Give us a fresh, renewed mind on the gifts of Your Spirit. You say, O Lord that all receive the Baptism of the Holy Spirit and that all will move in the gifts of the Spirit (Acts 2: 38). Let us remove al thoughts and take them captive, all thought that restrict the move of Your Spirit Gifts. Give us Your revelation, let us see with Your eyes into the spiritual realm (Col 1: 9) we want You to work to the maximum, let us hunger for more time spent with You and more in Your word, so that our faith will increase. Lord, that we will have the boldness to step out in obedience to let the Gifts of the Spirit move (Acts 4: 29, Phil 1: 28). That we know it is the leading of the Holy Spirit to perform Your signs, miracle and wonders through these gifts.

Lord, we want higher expectation of what You can do. We want Your full manifestation (Heb 2: 4). We want to speak Your words of wisdom, words of knowledge, we want supernatural faith, perform healings and miracles, having gifts of prophesy and to be able to discern spirits, speak in diverse tongues and give Holy Spirit interpretation (I Cor 12: 8-10). Lord, we want to see all these gifts manifested not just here but every day in our life. We do not want to be seeker friendly church but a spirit filled church. We want to let You perform signs, miracle and wonders through us.

Show us O Lord what we need to change, what we need to do, to reach that level with You. We want that encounter with You. Let this manifestation and gifts be a testimony to the people, a witness of how awesome You are. Let it be a light unto them to see that they need a savior and where light is darkness cannot be (Ps 97: 1).

All of this Father, we know that You have heard us and it is sealed and done in the might name of Jesus. Thank you Father and we give You all glory and honor, in Jesus most previous name I pray, Amen!