Sunday, April 12, 2009

Prayer of Salvation

Oh God, I am a sinner, I have said things, thought things, and done things that were contrary to You and offensive to You. By Your law, the 10 commandments, I see that I am not acceptable to You and I do not deserve to go to heaven.

But from Your Word, I see that You sent Your son to take my place, to take all that was in me that offended you and to take my punishment for it.

He died in my place, He went to hell for me, and He paid the full price for me. Then You raised Him from the dead totally free of my sin. I was raised with Him and I accept Him right now as my Savior. I declare that satan is no longer lord of my life, Jesus is now my Lord. I am now born from above, I am now born again. I am now a new creation in Christ Jesus, old things have passed away and all things are new. I am now saved. When I die, I will go to heaven.

God, now You are more than my God, you are my heavenly Father, and You love me more than any earthly father. I will serve You all the rest of my days.