Monday, April 13, 2009

Prayer for Wisdom

Wise and Loving God,
You know how busy my life can be.
There are so many opportunities and distractions, commitment and obligations.
Relationships and personal interests that are part of each day.

Remind me in the busyness that I cannot do everything.
I cannot be all things to people.

My days filled with things to do quickly fly by and I risk merely existing rather than living.

Above all else, I want to be all Yours, Father.
I want my life to be a reflection of Your life.
To be a person of love, care and integrity.
I want to know that my life matters and that I can make a difference.

So, God, as I face today, help me make wise choices.

May what I do with this today show what truly matters to me and what I believe and what I truly value.

As I learn and live, I want to gain wisdom, not just knowledge.
A life and not just a living.
Blessed days and not just busy ones.
With Your help, dear Father, I trust and believe that I can become a person pleasing to both of us.

Give me a wise heart, to know and follow Your will and Your ways and live Your word.

This I pray in Jesus’ name, my good and living teacher.