Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Prayer for Mombassa Faith Ministry International (MFMI)

Dear Father in heaven,

We want to lift up Mombassa Faith Ministry International into Your might hand O Lord. We give thanks to You o Father for Your wonderful works in this ministry through the leader, Peter and His fellow companions that established this ministry and also for their faith that has been spoken all around the world.

Lord, we want to commit our brother Peter into Your hands O Lord. I pray for God’s wisdom, understanding and guidance into his life while leading this ministry and also seek Your will in doing every good works that are well pleasing in Your sight o Lord. I pray that o Lord that whatever Peter do and speak does not come out from his own understanding but from God’s will. Let no one look down on him because he is young but be an example to the believers in word, in love, in spirit, in faith and in purity. I pray that o Lord that Peter shall take joy in facing trials of much kind and persevere for joy of the Lord is his streght and for with God nothing is impossible. Lord, give him more hunger to seek Your kingdom and righteousness and all these things shall be given to Him. I thank you o Lord for the confidence that Peter has in You through faith in Jesus Christ. I also pray for steps of baldness and obedience in Peter in preaching the gospel to the people. May You also grant him the compassion that Jesus has for the poor, needy and those who are in slavery.

We also want to lift up Peter’s intercessor team into Your hands o Lord. Grant them the non stop hunger to seek Your beautiful kingdom and to understand Your will in meeting the peoples’ needs. Give them the compassion in those who are lost. I pray that they will be watchful in all things, endure afflictions, do the works of evangelist and fulfill your ministry. May You give them the desire for the gifts of Holy Spirit, to sue all these gifts to glorify You o Lord. I thank You o Lord for the submissive heart that they have in Jesus Christ and also in Your ministry. May they continue to seek You, standing as the gate of heaven to reach out to more people in the world. I pray for spirit of ones and love of God binding this intercessor team together as a family. Strengthen their faith in you o Lord.

We just want to commit finance of this ministry into Your mighty hand. Father, You are our Provider, our ultimate source. Without You we run dry. I thank You o Lord for giving the ability to this ministry to prosper not only financially but also spiritually. Thank You for Your heavenly blessing o Lord.

MFMI is having evangelistic conference on this coming 18th of Nov. Lord, use this opportunity to pour out Your spirit on those who attends this meeting. May Your sweet spirit of love touch their hearts and bring them into Your kingdom. I pray that every world that Peter speaks to the people is not out of his understanding but from Holy Spirit inside him. Lord, protect Peter, his team, the congregation and their family members with Your power that nothing will harm them. I thank You Lord for Jesus is Lord over MFMI. In Jesus’ name I pray. AMEN.